Try hypnobirthing, not to avoid a bad birth, but to have an amazing one

That Peter Pan Feeling

Some of us seek out hypnobirthing after hearing about one too many bad births. Or perhaps we’ve had a difficult birth experience ourselves. Birth matters. It does. People often say, ‘all that matters is a healthy baby’ or they end a difficult birth story with the caveat that ‘baby is fine and that’s all that matters’.

But is that really good enough for us? Is that really true?  No! No it’s really not. Birth impacts us. Negative birth experiences stay with us. Impacts how we feel about our bodies, how we bond with our babies, how we connect with our partners and with ourselves.

When we study all that matters is not the qualification at the end. The experience matters. When we travel it’s not just the nice pictures that matter, the moments when the sunset was pretty, it’s the whole experience. The discoveries. The journey. When we fall in love it’s not a wedding, or chose not to have a wedding that matters. It’s the whole relationships. the figuring out. The fumbling things out. The muddles. The joy. The tears. A wedding is much more than a nice dress and a ring. It’s doing things your way. The process matters. A home is not just a roof over your head. Building a home matter. I could go on but I think you get it. Birth matters.

We matter. Our birth matters. How we feel about our bodies matters. Hypnobirthing is a way to feel more prepared for birth in order to have a better experience.

But don’t choose hypnobirthing as a way to avoid a bad birth, choose it as a way to have an unforgettable beautiful, magical, empowering, truly amazing one.

So, we know a difficult birth impacts us but so does a good one.

You know in Peter Pan you need a happy thought to fly? Well that’s what a good birth experience is. It’s that inner belief that you are capable, strong, that you can fly.

When someone is given the floor to tell their positive birth story, it a beautiful thing to watch.

They light up. They come alive.

Let’s be clear here, a ‘good’ birth isn’t one where you had no help, no drugs, no worry and just sailed through. No. That is not what Northern Soul Hypnobirthing is about. It’s about Any and ALL birth. As long as you feel it’s yours. As long as you have techniques and tools to move through each step, each hurdle in a way where you KNOW you have everything you need. It’s a birth where your relaxation techniques, breathing, affirmations carry you through. Where your prep kicks in and you feel like a kickass warrior woman.

Hypnobirthing is about learning to fly not matter what and giving yourself a positive experience, you will never forget.

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