Making tea, and birth, better

You know how tea tastes better in your favourite cup? Well birth is kinda like that

Birth is just like a cup of tea. It really is.

It’s more enjoyable in a cup you like, with people you like, the way you like it. Our preferences are important when it comes to tea and so is environment.

The difference between a good tea and a bad tea or good day and a bad day are often in the details. We all like things done differently and the same goes for birth.

So what does that actually mean.

It can really help to plan with your birth partner so they can advocate for you in labour. I’m pretty sure they already have a good idea of what you do and do not like if not now is a good time to learn.

Make a list together of things that bug you. What about loud voices? Do you like lots of verbal support or would you prefer quiet? How about touch? There are some other PARTICULARLY important life areas where you wouldn’t tolerate touch that you don’t like, you’d move or speak up, labour is the same. Don’t like it. Say. Or move and let your body communicate for you.

It can be a good idea to practice some simple massages at home so your partner has an idea of how you do and don’t want to be touched in labour.

The difference between a good cuppa and a bad cuppa or good day and a bad day are often in the details.

We all like things done differently and the same goes for birth

Then we come onto the cup itself. So the environment. Our favourite cups tend to feel right to us. They are familiar. They are clean, then are comforting. So how can you bring that idea into your birth environment.

What about scents? What about bringing your own birth ball? What about bringing in a thin blanket or pashmina style scarf to place over the bed so it smells more like home? Would an eye mask help you relax, or do you want things off and away from your face? How about lip balm, a water bottle that you like the feel of in your hand. Massage tools. Something to squeeze.

We all know what our perfect cup of tea looks like and if we put a little thought and planning into birth, we can take some simple steps to create our perfect birth that’s just right for us.

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