About me

Hey beautiful people

I’m Joanne, you may call me Jo. My mum calls me Josianna.

I’m a mum of three (lovely) rascals, Ru, Arlo and Forest, and I live with my motely crew in the beautiful and definitely not grim North East of England.

I love plants, people and vintage jackets. My all time favourite is a gorgeous pink and blue diadora sporty number from the 90s. Since leaving Uni (English Lit) I’ve worked and volunteered at Charities, working with learning disability, autism, refugees, young people in the looked after system and I currently work for a truly amazing homelessness charity.

As well as running Northern Soul Hypnobirthing I’ve also worked with NCT for 4 years and love delivering their antenatal programme in the North East.

I believe people count. They matter. How I interact and impact on people matters. So I work hard to make sure I make a difference in my courses. I work hard to make sure people feel heard.

I’m passionate about birth, about mother, fathers and partners being supported and about labour feeling good.

My two youngest were born at home and it was amazing. Truly my go to feel good memory. It’s an experience I’d love more people to have. Not the giving birth at home part, unless that’s your thing, but the part about feeling excited, feeling empowered, feeling like an actual magical being who is actually able to create and give birth to real people in a way which feels comfortable and safe and absolutely beautiful. There is nothing like it.

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