The hormones of birth and how to hack them

I bloody love hormones. They’re so clever. Our bodies are so carefully and intricately designed to birth our babies and hormones play a starring role. Labour is ultimately triggered and propelled by the lovely hormone Oxytocin. Oxytocin drives the contractions but it also makes us feel warm, safe, loved and kinda cozy. Sounds nice huh.Continue reading “The hormones of birth and how to hack them”

Try hypnobirthing, not to avoid a bad birth, but to have an amazing one

That Peter Pan Feeling Some of us seek out hypnobirthing after hearing about one too many bad births. Or perhaps we’ve had a difficult birth experience ourselves. Birth matters. It does. People often say, ‘all that matters is a healthy baby’ or they end a difficult birth story with the caveat that ‘baby is fineContinue reading “Try hypnobirthing, not to avoid a bad birth, but to have an amazing one”

Making tea, and birth, better

You know how tea tastes better in your favourite cup? Well birth is kinda like that Birth is just like a cup of tea. It really is. It’s more enjoyable in a cup you like, with people you like, the way you like it. Our preferences are important when it comes to tea and soContinue reading “Making tea, and birth, better”