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About my courses

This will empower you. This will make you feel amazing. This will give you tools, skills and knowledge to approach birth with confidence.

They can be online or in person. Interactive. Paced right for you. Follow up support and a life long personal cheerleader.

The Courses are simple and fairly priced and most importantly, are tailored to you and your needs.

Full Course

Full and fully amazing 1-1 Course £250 for four 2 hour sessions including The Calm Birth School mp3s and book. A really brilliant way to embrace your body, your baby and own your birth.

Group Course

Not currently running but keep your eyes peeled for new dates. Super sociable Group courses Make friends, learn stuff and have a better birth. What’s not to like. Also there is always someone willing to ask the super awkward questions so that lets you off the hook. Yay!

Mini Course

Perfectly formed and very popular mini Course, in the comfort of your own home £75 for one 2 hour session on a topic of your choice i.e. hypnobirthing/birth partner skills/induction/physical skills or a topic tailored to you. Surcharge of up to £15 added based upon travel required.

Top up Course

A tailored session for those who have tried birth prep or hypnobirthing before and need something designed perfectly for them. Price and time can be discussed to find out what works for you.

The Full Course Includes

  • A catch up on the phone to find out what you really want and need before the course
  • The Four Cornerstones of Hypnobirthing and how to practice them
  • Hormones. The good the bad and the truly astounding
  • Physical skills including breathing and positions to help you move smoothly through labour
  • The birth process: what’s actually going on in there
  • Bonding with baby and bonding with your beautiful, amazing pregnant body
  • Baby care, baby care, baby care. Because yes you are about to have an actual real baby
  • How to feed your baby in the way that’s right for you
  • Interventions and induction knowledge and how to face the scary stuff
  • The brilliant Calm Birth School Book
  • 5 Really good, very useful for pregnancy birth and forever after Mp3s
How are you going to feel after your beautiful birth. Some client feedback.
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Baby Clover

‘Can’t reccomend enough. I had a really stresful labour with my first and lots of fear and concers about it during my second pregnancy. Joanne’s hyonobirthing helped me to stay calm and focussed- the matron even told a midwife off for trying to chat to me as I was ”clearly in the zone” haha.

Joanne joined me for some of my labour and made me and my husband feel calm and safe, helping him help me with each wave! I felt awesome (sore and tired, but awesome) after the labour’

Naomi, Adam and baby Clover

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Baby Violet

I really enjoyed our sessions and it gave me some fresh ideas on how to relax during labour. Although I ended up having an emergency c section, I used techniques we had practiced throughout hours of contractions and when my biggest fear of surgery was inevitable I found a way to be calm and face it positively. Jo definitely gave me the tools to be brave along with my partner. thanks so much!

Becki, Karl and baby Violet

Jo’s wealth of knowledge and ability to share this in an accessible way was invaluable to me. She really helped me to change my way of thinking and take control of how my daughter came into the world! Definitely speak to her if you want to understand your pregnancy and labour more and turn it into a positive experience!

Tor and Baby Remi

Let’s get you the birth you deserve

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